Dealing With Pest Control For A New Restaurant

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Dealing With Pest Control For A New Restaurant

Dealing With Pest Control For A New Restaurant

23 July 2015
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A brand new restaurant will bring a new crowd and new business revenue. The restaurant is also likely to bring out new critters who want to try the restaurant delicacies as well. Setting up pest control for the restaurant will be necessary for the safety of your food and the comfort of your customers. If it is your first time running a restaurant, here are some ideas for how to keep your guests inside and critters outside.

Get a pest control inspection

Commercial pest control will be your restaurants best friend. These are the people you will want to keep on your monthly payroll, and they are your first line of defense against pest problems. When you move into your new restaurant headquarters, get a professional commercial pest control company, like Boris Pest Control, to inspect the interior and perimeter of the building. This will be important, as it will tell you the kinds of pests that you have to worry about in and around your building. Once your pest control company knows what they are up against, they can spray the right chemicals and lay the right traps to keep your place free of rodents and insects.

Supplement with natural means

If you want to use less chemicals around your food, you can supplement the pest control treatments with a natural pest control. Placing a few drops of peppermint oil or cotton balls and rags with peppermint oil in all of the corners of your business and in any entrance and exit will keep away critters. Bugs and rodents tend to dislike the smell of peppermint oil and will try to escape from the scent. If you do not have a heavy issue, you may find that the peppermint oil alone is sufficient.

Insulate the doors

Doors of all kinds should be insulated so that no air can escape and no animal can come inside. This includes the doors and windows of the business as well as the doors to refrigerators and freezers. No food should be left out once the shop is closed. Once all food is put away in the refrigerators and wrapped up in store rooms, the doors should be shut tightly and locked. With proper insulation, you can keep any and all critters outside of the room and outside of your food storage area. Locking up anything tempting will keep the unwelcome animals away and keep your customers and workers comfortable inside. 

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