Visually Impaired? 5 Tips To Recognize The Early Warning Signs Of Termites

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Visually Impaired? 5 Tips To Recognize The Early Warning Signs Of Termites

Visually Impaired? 5 Tips To Recognize The Early Warning Signs Of Termites

2 September 2015
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Finding termite damage early on can be hard if you are visually impaired. Fortunately, you can feel for clues as well as listen out for a few things. Here are five tips on how to recognize the early warning signs of termite infestation for the visually impaired. 

1. Feel for Fecal Pellets

Termites do not dispose of their fecal matter or also known as frass. They let it rest outside of the wood. It is usually small and looks like wood-colored mounds. Use your feet to scan your floors for these mounds.

2. Feel for Cracked Paint

If you feel the paint cracking or peeling off on a wood surface, this may be an early sign of termite infestation. Dry wood termites need a small amount of space to enter your wood. So if you feel any cracks or openings, get them sealed before termites can move into your home. Hotspots for termite entry include cracks in your foundation, cracks in your siding near your roof, as well as openings in vents and spaces in windows.  

3. Feel for Mud Tubes

When a termite eats wood, they leave behind a hole. Termites will actually try to fill in that hole by creating a mud-like tube on the wood's surface. These tubes are in an irregular pattern, and the mud is made from saliva, soil, and feces. These tubes are used as a bridge between the nest and their food- the wood. With a gloved hand, you can feel your wood surfaces for any cavity like carvings filled with mud. 

4. Knock on Wood to Listen for a Faint Sound

If you suspect that you have termites, start to knock on wood. If you get a response, you have termites. The nearby soldier termites will return a faint knock of their own. This is not a friendly response. It's actually to warn the other termites that danger is close by. So if you knock on wood, and hear a response, you have termites. 

5. Knock on Walls to Listen Out for a Hollow Sound

Hollow walls can also mean that you have termites. Take the end of a screwdriver and knock on your walls in various locations. If the wall sounds hollow, it may be infested. Place a stethoscope on the wall to hear better if necessary. 

You can protect your home from termites even if you are visually impaired. All you have to do is listen and feel your home for any signs of termite infestation. The earlier you find termites, the less damage they can do. A pest control exterminator is your best line of defense rather than do-it-yourself methods when it comes to termites. Click here for more tips and tricks.

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