Freeze Out Your Bed Bugs

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Freeze Out Your Bed Bugs

Freeze Out Your Bed Bugs

3 May 2016
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Bed bugs are known for being difficult to get rid of because they are resistant to a lot of pesticides. As such, buying bug spray from the store is generally not the best idea because it won't be effective on the bugs, and you'll spray toxic chemicals throughout your home. That's not good since you'll have to treat your bedroom heavily because that's where the bugs tend to concentrate. Although an exterminator has access to stronger chemicals, there might be a better way to handle your problem, and that is with frozen carbon dioxide or dry ice. Here's why it's such a good option.

Dry Ice Is Non-Toxic

Your exterminator can apply the dry ice treatment any place in your home and you don't have to worry about toxic residue being left behind. Your bed, the pet's area, and even your kids' rooms and the kitchen can safely be treated with dry ice. The ice is sprayed from a canister, and it looks like the exterminator is spraying snow in the room. However, the ice quickly evaporates and leaves no traces behind. It's safe to use on carpets and other types of upholstery because it evaporates so quickly that you don't have to worry about lingering dampness encouraging mold to grow.

Freezing Temperatures Kill Bed Bugs

Freezing bed bugs is one of the effective means of killing them. The problem is that it has always been difficult to do. You have to place things in the freezer for several hours, and that isn't very practical. There's no way you can freeze your mattress or carpet by yourself. The solution is to hire an exterminator to spray carbon dioxide snow around your home, especially in your bedroom. This makes it easy to kill bugs burrowed into carpeting and the cracks in your bed frame. The snow flakes are tiny, so they can be blown into small crevices. If the snow can reach the bugs, the bugs will be instantly frozen and killed. Also, freezing kills all stages of the bed bugs. You don't have to worry about a new batch hatching out and attacking you after the treatment has been applied.

Professional Freezing Is Quick And Convenient

Another good thing about having an exterminator use dry ice rather than pesticides is that you won't have to disturb your usual routine while the treatment is underway. You can enter the room as soon as the treatment is completed. You won't have to pack up food or dishes since they won't be exposed to toxic chemicals. However, it's recommended that you do some prep work first such as clearing up clutter where the bugs can nestle and hide. If you have a pile of clothing on the floor, the bugs may burrow into it deep enough that the snow won't reach them. Therefore, you may want to do your usual housecleaning before the exterminator arrives, but you won't have to do anything drastic like cover things for protection or move out of your home for a couple of days.

If you have a bed bug problem, you may not be able to handle it on your own with DIY methods. You may waste a lot of time trying, and in the mean time, the bugs will grow in number. It's best to get professional help, and freezing the bugs is one good option to consider.

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