Have A Cockroach Problem? Here's What You Need To Do

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Have A Cockroach Problem? Here's What You Need To Do

Have A Cockroach Problem? Here's What You Need To Do

4 May 2016
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Many people are familiar with cockroaches, but knowing some are living in your house with you can cause you a great deal of discomfort. Luckily, you can take the following actions to make your home less attractive to them.

Restrict Food to Kitchen

You may already know that cockroaches are generally attracted to food. You might like to enjoy a snack in the living room when watching a movie or chips when you're watching a big football game. However, you must be aware that even if you are careful, small crumbs can fall to the ground or into the fibers of your carpet, which can provide a nice meal for roaches.

You can't stop eating altogether, but it is smart to restrict all food to the kitchen so that the roaches aren't encouraged to wander freely throughout your home as they follow the scent of food.

Eliminate Standing Water

It's not only food that cockroaches want. Like many living things, they need to drink water. It is very important to them; some species of cockroaches can live a number of weeks without eating food but only survive for a week without water. That's why you might also see roaches scurrying across your bathroom floor.

To make things tough for roaches in your home, be sure to wipe up any standing water as soon as possible. Puddles around the sink in your kitchen and bathroom need to be absorbed by a towel or paper towels, for instance. After taking a shower or bath, everyone in your home should consider drying the tub out with a towel so that there is no water for thirsty roaches to enjoy.

Empty Trash Each Night

The odor of the kitchen trash may not smell fantastic to you, but roaches are able to detect that there may still be some kind of food waiting for them inside your trashcan, which makes it somewhat of a magnet for these bugs. To keep them away and get rid of the smell, remember to dispose of your trash outside your house each and every night, even if the trash bag is not quite full.

To be even more careful, you might even consider sending a family member outside with the trash after every single meal.

With these ideas, you may soon start to see a decrease in roaches inside your house. Think about getting more help from a pest control company like Westex Pest Management.

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