Moving Into An Old Abandoned Office Building? What To Know

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Moving Into An Old Abandoned Office Building? What To Know

Moving Into An Old Abandoned Office Building? What To Know

4 May 2016
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Are you buying an old commercial property that hasn't been cleaned or used in years? If so, there are some concerns you should have and areas you want to target before you start moving in your office supplies. There are a lot of things that could be problematic in the space because it's been vacant for so long. Here are a few professional services you want to look into to get some work done.

HVAC Ventilation Cleaning

The ducts that are used to carry heat and cold air from the furnace and air conditioner can get filthy inside over time. Dust settles into the vents, insects can crawl around and nest or leave waste, mold and mildew spread from moisture and condensation, and there can be other pollutants as well. Have the ducts cleaned out by the professionals to remove allergy triggers and breathing hazards, and to improve the air quality.

Commercial Pest Control

You have no idea what types of rodents or insects could be living in the space, especially if the property was abandoned. You want to have the open spaces bombed for pests, along with the interior walls, attic, basement, and the outside areas. This is the most effective way to get rid of spiders, bees, ants and other pests, and the experts can see if there is termite or wood ant damage. Contact local professionals for more information.

Water Testing

If the pipes haven't been used for a long time, you should have concerns about the water quality in the space. The pipes could be rotted or corroding, leading to galvanization and lead poisoning or other problems. The water experts will run the water to get rid of anything that could have been stale and stagnate over time, and then see if there are any toxins that may be worrisome or a drinking concern.  

If the idea of cleaning the entire space doesn't appeal to you, hiring a professional cleaning company to do the work may be a faster and more efficient solution for you. You should also consider having the walls painted with a latex sealant if you have concerns about water damage and mold or mildew on the walls throughout the space. You can make an old outdated building look like new, and the building can be a great office space if you take the time to make sure everything is in proper running order, and that the property is safe.   

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