Keeping Spiders Away From Your Child's Swing Set

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Keeping Spiders Away From Your Child's Swing Set

Keeping Spiders Away From Your Child's Swing Set

9 May 2016
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If you spend a lot of time in your backyard, you most likely do not wish to share your space with spiders. While having spiders crawling on your child's swing set is less than ideal, having them in your yard can be beneficial as they will keep the population of harmful insects lower. Follow these tips to keep your child's play area free of spiders by making the area less attractive. Here are also some ways you can redirect spiders to other areas rather than eliminating them from your property completely. 

Place The Swing Set In Ample Sunlight

Spiders tend to stick around shaded areas, making a swing set in sunlight less attractive overall. Make sure to install the swing set in an area where rays of light will hit its surface during the day to help keep spiders from accumulating on the metal or wood structure. If you have several trees overhanging in the area, cut back a few limbs so sun shines through. Do not cut all branches away from the area however as this will take away choices in where spiders will build webs, making the swing set the prime focus for this accomplishment as a result.

Give The Unit A Thorough Cleaning

Before it becomes time for your child to use the swing set daily, make sure it is cleaned in its entirety. This will whisk away any debris that spiders can use as a hiding place. It will also be less attractive to spiders as the cleaning solution used will most likely deter other insects from the surface as well. Wipe down the plastic portions of the swing set every few days with a "green" cleaning agent. Add a few drops of citrus oil to improve the scent of the cleaner while helping to deter spiders as they do not care for this odor.

Attract Spiders To Other Areas

To help keep spiders from taking up residence around your child's play area, consider installing a light or two to illuminate other parts of your property. Adding a light away from the swing set will help keep it free from spiders as they will check out the illuminated area in anticipation of a meal from insects attracted to the light. If you do not want spiders on your porch, place a battery-powered lantern on the ground away from your swing set for a few hours each night to help move spiders to this area of the yard to look for food.

Keep The Area Free Of Insects

Ridding the area where your swing set is located from other insects will help keep spiders away as well. Make sure to trim the lawn regularly to keep bugs from hiding between the blades. Light citronella candles and set them on a table near the swing set to deter insects away in their entirety. Do not leave your child unattended while these are in use. If insects are an ongoing problem, call a pest control service to eliminate them, thereby getting spiders to leave the area, as there will be no food source available. Contact a company like BugOut Pest Control for more information.  

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