Big Bad Bed Bug Blunders To Avoid If You Discover The Biting Buggers In Your Home

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Big Bad Bed Bug Blunders To Avoid If You Discover The Biting Buggers In Your Home

Big Bad Bed Bug Blunders To Avoid If You Discover The Biting Buggers In Your Home

12 May 2016
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Just as you get settled in for sleep, the torture begins. An itch here, a crawling sensation there, and a glimpse of something scurrying across your pillow. Bed bugs can be far worse than any nightmare you have after you get to sleep, and even worse, they can be an all-out terror to eradicate from your home. One out of every ten people in the U.S. is either dealing with their own bed bug situation or they know someone who is. If you find out that you are dealing with this nagging problem in your home and bed, make sure you avoid these major bed bug blunders. 

Blunder: Keeping a bed bug problem hush-hush. 

Why? Whether you feel like the bed bugs are your fault or you are afraid your friends and family will avoid you like the plague, keeping a bed bug problem quiet is a huge mistake. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have bed bugs because it is obviously a common problem. If you keep the issue to yourself, not only will you be endangering those who do come for a visit, you will just be more susceptible to seeing the bed bugs come back with your guests in the future. 

Blunder: Getting rid of your furniture. 

Why? When you first discover a bed bug infestation, your initial reaction may be to get rid of your bed and mattress, couch, and anything else that has a crack and crevice where bed bugs could hide out. However, getting rid of all your furniture is just a costly thing at best. Bed bugs don't just live in furniture, so if you get rid of your furniture without treating the rest for the house, you are going to have the same problem. Bed bugs may be: 

  • in the baseboards of your walls
  • in electrical outlets
  • in wall decor
  • in your carpeted floors
  • in books and magazines
  • in your clothing 
  • in your pillows, bedding, and curtains

Blunder: Expecting one route of treatment to do the trick. 

Why? Bed bugs are not the type of pests that can be treated once even by a professional pest control agent and be eliminated. If you have a serious bed bug problem, you may have to use an array of vigilant methods to eventually eradicate the problem. You should invest in protective covers for your mattresses, vacuum daily, launder bedding daily in hot water, eliminate clutter, and rely on pest control treatments.  

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