3 Types Of Venomous Spiders To Be On The Lookout For

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3 Types Of Venomous Spiders To Be On The Lookout For

3 Types Of Venomous Spiders To Be On The Lookout For

18 May 2016
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For the most part, spiders are mainly harmless. In fact, they can help rid your home or garden of actual pests that can do real damage. However, this isn't necessarily always the case. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about just a few spider types that can transmit a venomous toxin. If you believe that your home is carrying one of these spider types, it is best to get a hold of the services of a professional spider exterminator as soon as possible.

Wolf Spider

Although a wolf spider's venom is not deadly, it should still be avoided. You can find wolf spiders in practically all corners of the world. However, they tend to avoid colder climates. These medium sized spiders are quite agile and have large, protruding eyes. A wolf spider is not considered aggressive and will not attack a human unless it is agitated or provoked. Having said that, they are fiercely protective of their offspring, and will attack any would be aggressors towards their family. The venom transferred through their bites is more of an annoyance than outright pain. It can produce minor pain, swelling, and a surface itch.

Brown Recluse

A brown recluse derives its name from its brownish hue. It also has a signature black mark on its cephalothorax that is often compared to the shape of a violin. You will mainly find this type of spider throughout the Southern states and Midwest. Although a brown recluse's venom can be quite dangerous, it is a misconception that the spider itself is aggressive. A brown recluse will, more often than not, be fine with leaving a human to its own devices. If it is attacked or is frightened, it will bite. Although rarely resulting in death, you should address a brown recluse bite right away, as it can cause muscle jolts, necrosis, and nausea.

Black Widow

Black widows exist across the world, but they tend to make their homes in moderate and warm climates. A black widow cuts a very distinctive figure. It is a deep black or very dark brown spider that is infamous for an hourglass shaped marking on its abdomen. While the wolf spider and brown recluse are not particularly aggressive spiders that mainly bite as a defensive response, black widows are quite aggressive. The effects of a black widow's venom are usually not fatal, but are known to cause cramping, profuse sweating, and vomiting. The symptoms may even be confused with the flu.

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