Keeping Mice Away From Your Barbecue Grill This Summer

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Keeping Mice Away From Your Barbecue Grill This Summer

Keeping Mice Away From Your Barbecue Grill This Summer

27 May 2016
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If you had experienced mouse troubles around or within your home in the past, and you intend on using a grill to fire up some barbecued food this summer, you will want to take a few steps to ensure your grill does not become a feasting ground for small rodents. Since mice tend to hang out in areas where food is present, your grill is a prime target for becoming a mouse home during summer months. Here are some ideas you can use to help protect your grill so mice to not use it to nest in anticipation of a free meal.

Find The Perfect Location To Set The Grill 

It is best to keep your grill in an area where mice are less likely to frequent so they do not wriggle their way inside the unit. Most people will keep their grill on a deck or patio area. This is a better idea than having the grill left in a grassy area where mice scampering through the property can get inside without being seen. Keeping the grill in a spot where people can be heard or seen nearby is best to help keep the risk of a mouse getting inside less likely.

Cover Your Grill When It Isn't Being Used

Purchase a thick grill cover to help protect your equipment from the chance of pests getting inside. A heavy-duty cover will make it more difficult for a mouse to squeeze through to unit. The weight of the material will be hard for a rodent to shift away from the grill, giving it a nice layer of protection instead. Look for a cover with a drawstring bottom so it can be secured tightly over the top portion.

Clean Up After Each Cooking Session

If you use a can to collect grease drippings from the bottom of your grill, be sure to cover it and bring it into your home until your next outdoor cooking session. This grease container will attract mice to the grill if it is left under the grill overnight. Make sure to scrape the grill's cooking surface to remove any grease remnants after you make a meal. Wash this piece along with the interior of your grill often to eliminate grease spatters in their entirety.

Use Deterrents To Keep Mice Away

To help make your grill less attractive to mice, use a few deterrents in the area where you store it so they are less likely to get close enough to take up a home inside. Place a few rubber snakes around the legs or wheels of the grill to keep mice far from the equipment. An owl decoy can be attached to the lid or cover to keep mice away as well. 

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