It's An Emergency! 4 Steps To Keep Mice Out Of Your Food Storage

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It's An Emergency! 4 Steps To Keep Mice Out Of Your Food Storage

It's An Emergency! 4 Steps To Keep Mice Out Of Your Food Storage

7 July 2016
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If you're preparing for emergency situations by having a readily available storage of food, you want to protect it as best you can. That protection includes safeguarding it against rodent invasion. Unfortunately, mice will go to great lengths to make a meal out of just about anything. Don't give up. With a few simple steps, you can keep rodents out of your food storage.

Switch to Plastic

Even if you've never seen a mouse in your house, they're going to come out of the woodwork as soon as you store a big bag of wheat in your attic. That's where the right type of storage bins come in handy. Instead of storing your food in the original package, switch to plastic storage bins. Simply place your packaged food inside the storage bins and put the lids on. Wrap a piece of duct tape around the edge of the lids for added protection. The mice won't be able to chew through the plastic or slip underneath the duct tape. Your food storage will be safe and secure from rodent invasion.

Store in a Safe Place

Mice are attracted to dark, moist places. When choosing a location for your food storage, try to avoid places where mice will be attracted to. Instead choose areas dry and well-lit. If the area you choose fits the criteria for being dry but isn't well-lit, try installing a few night lights that you can leave on. The lights will deter mice from entering the storage area.

Make Your Presence Known

While there are brave mice out there that will invade a busy kitchen, most mice prefer to stay away from human activity. Once you have your food storage in place, continue to make your presence known. Mice are less likely to invade your storage area if they know that you'll be in there once a day, moving things around. Don't forget to take a stick or a broom with you. You can hit the storage bins with the sticks to scare away any mice that might have found their way in.

Add the Right Aroma

There are certain scents that mice don't like. To protect your food storage and keep the rodents away, reach for the peppermint. Place a few drops of peppermint essential oil on cotton balls and place the cotton balls in various locations throughout your storage area. Replace the cotton balls once a week to keep the scent fresh. Mice will stay away and your room will stay minty fresh.

You've worked hard to prepare for emergency situations. Protect your food storage from rodent invasion by utilizing the simple and natural pest control methods described above. For additional help on getting rid of mice, be sure to contact a pest control agent (like those at Xtermco Inc). 

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