Dealing With A Roach Infestation

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Dealing With A Roach Infestation

Dealing With A Roach Infestation

1 February 2017
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If you are the owner of an apartment complex, and you were recently alerted that roaches are present within one or more of your units, you are most likely worried about having them eradicated promptly. Since roaches are known to carry bacteria, tenants are at risk for health problems if you do not move fast in having them eliminated. Here are some steps you can take when waiting for an exterminator to arrive to aid in keeping roach numbers at a minimum.

Promote Proper Cleaning Tactics

Alert each person living in the complex that it would be beneficial for them to do a thorough cleaning of their individual apartment to aid in keeping roaches out of the building. Roaches tend to stick around areas where it is easy for them to get food. If counter tops are cleaned and floors are vacuumed, the amount of food available will not be as great, possibly causing them to head outdoors as a result. Providing free cleaning supplies will encourage those living in the complex to do their part in battling the roach problem.

Keep Paper Items Contained

Roaches will use paper products to feast upon when food in an area is scarce. During the cleaning procedure, tenants should contain large piles of magazines, books, and paperwork so they do not become attractions to roaches. Give tenants garbage bags along with their cleaning supplies to use for the containment of cellulose-based items. The interiors of the bags can be sprayed with a pest killing agent before the paper items are placed inside. This will ensure any harbored roaches will be killed. Ask tenants to keep the items in the bags for several days after the pest control service tends to the complex to ensure there is not a re-infestation.

Provide Glue Traps For Apartment Use

Glue traps will work well at decreasing the number of roaming roaches within your apartment complex units. These can be purchased from a local home goods store and then distributed to each tenant to use within their homes. Ask the tenants to position the traps along the perimeters of the rooms in their apartments as these are areas roaches will use to get around quickly. Placing them behind or under pieces of furniture so they are in shaded areas will also be helpful. Ask tenants to check the traps often so they can remove any captured roaches promptly.

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