3 Signs That You're Living With Wildlife

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3 Signs That You're Living With Wildlife

3 Signs That You're Living With Wildlife

31 October 2018
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While you may enjoy watching squirrels, raccoons, and opossums frolic outdoors, sharing your home with them may be another story. These animals can access your home from a number of different entry points; however, you may not even know that they're living under the same roof as you. Here are three signs that you may be living with wildlife and how a pest control service can help:

Muffled Footsteps Overhead

If you hear soft muffled footsteps coming from your ceiling, you may have squirrels in your attic. Squirrels like to take up residence inside homes during breeding season, and when they find an appropriate place in your attic, they will make a nest and have their babies.

In addition to animal footsteps, you may also hear squeals and squeaks emanating from your attic area, and is most often caused by newborn squirrels or other forms of small wildlife. If you notice these signs, call in a wildlife pest control service professional. He or she will make sure that the mother and babies stay safe during the relocation process.

Scratching Sounds In Walls

Another telltale sign that you are sharing your living space with small animals is the sound of scratching and scurrying inside your walls. These sounds can be very disturbing to homeowners, as it often means that squirrels or other forms of wildlife have accessed your living space.

The sounds are often caused by animals who are trying to escape by climbing up the walls. Contacting both a pest control expert and a building contractor may provide solutions to your animal problems, however, if may be a long, drawn-out process to make sure that the animals stay safe and that the structure of your home remains largely undamaged.

Holes In Gutters

If you see holes in your gutters or eaves, chances are that small animals are getting inside your attic. Squirrels can easily gain access to your gutters and roof via tall trees growing close to your home. If your trees are growing too tall, make sure that you keep them trimmed so that easy access is impeded.

If you are unable to prune the trees on your own, call a professional tree trimming service for help. In the meantime, have your pest control expert examine access points. He or she can place a blocking material inside the holes or affix wire, mesh, or screen material over the holes until you are able to get your gutters repaired.

If you notice any of the above signs, call a pest control service. When the presence of wildlife is detected as soon as possible, the animals have a better chance of staying safe. Also, your home will be less likely to sustain damage caused by chewing, insulation breaches, and droppings. 

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