Dealing With Rodent Issues In Stored RVs Or Boats

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Dealing With Rodent Issues In Stored RVs Or Boats

Dealing With Rodent Issues In Stored RVs Or Boats

15 July 2019
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Storing boats and recreational vehicles on your property can save you money on storage fees if you have the room. While this can seem like a great idea, it can also lead to expensive problems. Rodents can invade vehicles that are parked for weeks or months undisturbed. They can destroy soft furnishings, chew through wires, and build nests in engine compartments. The following can help you avoid these issues.

Seal everything off

The first goal is to keep mice from getting inside in the first place. Every RV or boat has areas where a mouse can find an entrance. These can be small gaps around access ports and outside fixtures. You can seal these quickly with a can of spray foam. For open-top boats, you should also get a tight-fitting cover that snaps in place. Next, try to keep mice from climbing onto the RV or boat because this will prevent them from finding any access points you forgot. You can build barriers that are about 10 inches tall from sheet metal. Create one to go around the jack stand and larger ones to surround each tire. The mice won't be able to climb over these, which can prevent them from crawling into the vehicle.

Remove enticing items

Mice enter RVs and boats because they are either seeking food or shelter. You can prevent the first by making sure there are no food items or residue inside the vehicles. Clean out fridges and cabinets, then wipe down all surfaces with a dilute bleach solution. Cloth upholstery in RVs should also be vacuumed to ensure they are crumb-free. On boats, keep life vests and other items that can have salt on them inside a sealed plastic tub. Rodents can be attracted to salt. Paper and cardboard can also attract rodents as both food and a nest-building resource, so don't leave these items in the vehicle.

Treat infestations quickly

You must act as soon as you suspect an infestation or major damage can occur. Traps, including snap-style and humane-style traps, work well. Just make sure you check them often to avoid both cruelty and bad odors from occurring. You can also have a pest control service treat the vehicle. Once you are sure the rodents are gone, clean out any old nests or rodent remains using a bleach solution. Wear gloves to avoid parasites and disease. After the mice are gone, have the pest control technician treat the exterior of the vehicle with a repellent so you won't have to worry about future issues.

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