Got Bed Bugs? Get The Answers You Need

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Got Bed Bugs? Get The Answers You Need

Got Bed Bugs? Get The Answers You Need

22 May 2020
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Creepy crawlers that bite while you sleep and steal your very own lifeblood—there's nothing much scarier than that when it comes to household pests. Here's a few things you may want to know if you have these pests. 

Are bed bugs deterred by light?

Bed bugs can seem as if they are deterred by light because you will primarily see them after the lights go out. The pests are considered nocturnal, but they have no qualms about coming out for a meal in the middle of the day if they are granted easy access, like when you climb in bed for a midday nap. 

Can you catch bed bugs at the hospital?

Hospitals and medical care facilities are not immune to bed bug problems. You can catch bed bugs at a hospital just the same as you could at a hotel or in a city bus; the instances of such are less common, but they do happen. 

Can you kill bed bugs with a mattress cover?

Mattress covers are a wise investment if you have bed bugs, but you have to opt for one that is built for the purpose. Allergen-protecting mattress covers are designed to be airtight; they usually have zippers and flaps that get closed over the end of the zipper to prevent the bugs from escaping. These covers won't immediately kill the bugs, but they could eventually as the bugs go without having access to food. 

Is it possible to treat bed bugs in a natural way?

Some exterminators do use natural practices and methodologies to eradicate a bed bug problem. For example, the exterminator may use a combination of an essential oil like tea tree oil and a heat treatment, both of which are natural options. Bed bug traps are also an option that does not involve pesticidal treatments, but they are not all that effective all on their own. If you have concerns about using pesticides in your home, talk to the exterminator to see what they can offer. 

Do bed bugs bite all people?

Bed bugs will likely bite all people, but just like other parasites, these parasitic pests can have their preferences. There is no evidence that the bugs prefer one blood type over another, but they may prefer a blood type they have always had. For example, if an infestation of bed bugs in one home were used to an AB blood type, they may seek out that blood type out of preference in another home. Additionally, some researchers have found that bed bugs don't necessarily like blood with alcohol in it, but, of course, drinking heavily to deter bed bugs would not be a good idea. 

To learn more, contact a bed bug exterminator.

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