Clothes Moths: Using The Right Pest Control Services Can Help

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Clothes Moths: Using The Right Pest Control Services Can Help

Clothes Moths: Using The Right Pest Control Services Can Help

30 July 2021
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If you store cashmere sweaters, business suits, and other valuable clothing in your closets, you may do all you can to keep clothes moths out of your home. But if clothes moths do destroy some of your clothing, call a pest control company fast. You may have a clothes moths infestation on your hands. Learn more about clothes moths and how the right pest control services can help you below.

How Destructive Are Clothes Moths?

Although adult moths generally don't consume or destroy fabrics, the pests can lay between 40 to 50 eggs on the surfaces of your clothing. Once the eggs reach maturity, they hatch. The tiny pinhead-sized hatchlings, or larvae, use the fibers in your clothing as a food source. The larvae will continue to feed on your clothing and any other item in the closet that contains fabrics until they reach adulthood.

The adult moths generally dislike light and will hide once you open your closet door. If you spray bug spray into your closet, you risk damaging your belongings and your health with chemical residue. In the distress, you may turn to mothballs and other do-it-yourself pest control methods. However, the treatments generally contain inhalants and other toxins that can harm your health over time.

Don't risk your health or belongings with dangerous do-it-yourself remedies. Call a professional pest control company for help instead.

How Can You Rid Your Home of Clothes Moths?

It isn't an easy task to get rid of clothes moths. However, a pest control company can get rid of moths and keep them away with the right methods. The methods may use thermal disinfestation and pheromone traps.

Pest control contractors use thermal, or heat, disinfestation treatments to kill adult moths, moth eggs, and moth larvae. Pest control contractors can safely use heat on various types of fabrics, including the rugs inside your closets. 

Contractors use pheromone traps to attract and contain male and/or female moths. However, contractors will need to capture and examine the types of moths you have inside your closet and/or home. Different types of clothes moths can infect your home. Each type of moth also emits its own distinct pheromones, or behavioral-altering hormones. Pest control needs to know exactly what type of clothes moths you have in order to make and use the right type of pheromone traps for them.

The pest control treatments above may be all you need to rid your closet and home of moths. Contact a pest control company for more information. 

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