5 Common Misconceptions About Termite Control

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5 Common Misconceptions About Termite Control

5 Common Misconceptions About Termite Control

16 September 2021
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Termites are destructive little creatures. They can cause extensive structural damage to your home and cost you thousands of dollars in repair work. These critters can also increase the risk of health problems among you and your family members. To prevent termites, it is important to understand them.

Here are just a few common myths about termite control that you should not believe.

Myth #1: You Can Easily Remove Termites on Your Own

Some homeowners may think pest control services are expensive, so they try to cut costs. They may even try do-it-yourself solutions to treat the termites. However, this is a big mistake. Getting rid of termites is not an easy task, so you should leave it up to the professionals. If you attempt to get rid of them yourself, you could do more damage to your home.

Myth #2: You Will Know Immediately That You Have Termites

Unfortunately, the initial signs of termites are not always obvious. These critters are pretty quiet, so you might not notice them for a while. Periodically check your home for termite wings, mud tubes, and wood damage. If you notice any of these signs, you should call pest control immediately.

Myth #3: One Treatment Is All It Takes 

This is not true. Even if a professional pest control company treated your home for termites, they could invade your house again in the future. However, if you take steps to prevent termites, like reducing moisture in crawl spaces and storing firewood away from your home, you can reduce your risk of another infestation. 

Myth #4: Termites Are Only a Concern in the Warmer Months

Many homeowners assume that they do not have to worry about termite infestations in the winter. However, termites can be a problem during any season. In the colder months, these pests hide deeper in wood to keep warm.

Myth #5: Professional Termite Treatments Are Too Pricey

Professional termite treatments are actually more affordable than many people think. These services are certainly cheaper than paying for the structural damage that termites cause. If you think you may have termites, do not let the cost of pest control services scare you away.

Now you know that there are a lot of myths about termite control. If you have a termite infestation in your home, you should get in touch with a local pest control company such as TRS Exterminating right away. 

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