3 Common Myths Surrounding Pest Control Exposed

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3 Common Myths Surrounding Pest Control Exposed

3 Common Myths Surrounding Pest Control Exposed

21 June 2022
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Pests are not picky about their targets and can invade any residential or commercial property that has what they are looking for. Once they settle and start to multiply, they destroy anything they can find, which is why it is best to call for pest control services whenever you notice them.

Unfortunately, many myths surrounding pest control sometimes lead to property owners taking ineffective pest control measures that might worsen the situation. Read on to discover some myths so that you are better able to make an informed decision.

Keeping Your Property Clean Keeps Pests Away

For a long time, people have erroneously believed that pests are only attracted to dirty places. However, pests invade dirty and clean places as long as the environment is favorable, generally meaning there is warmth, moisture, and food. Bed bugs, for instance, can invade and survive in clean or dirty houses and can only be eliminated through extermination services. 

Nonetheless, this does not mean you should give up on cleanliness and proper hygiene. In addition to staying clean, you also need to avoid clutter, which creates a perfect environment for pests. However, these measures should be coupled with frequent pest control inspection and termination services.

You Can Get Rid of Pests by Yourself

Getting rid of pests, especially in large numbers, requires specialized methods and training. For example, a bedbug infestation can take days to eliminate without professional intervention. Other pests like termites and roaches go into hiding or escape, only to re-emerge later. Accordingly, DIY methods may only work temporarily or worsen the situation. On the other hand, the long-term solution is to hire a pest termination company.

Termites only Destroy Wooden Structures

Another misconception is that termites only destroy wooden structures. On the contrary, these insects also burrow through concrete and brick structures if they lack easier access to your home. Unfortunately, you hardly notice their entry until the damage is done. In such cases, the pest control team conducts a thorough inspection for additional signs of termite damage. 

They may also drill holes to help them reach the termites and eliminate them, after which they cover the gaps. To help deter termites from entering your property, you can install barriers or use termite-resistant materials during construction in consultation with pest control experts.

The above are some myths that could impede your goal of having a pest-free home. Fortunately, hiring pest control services keeps pests away from your home.

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