Chipmunks Running Amok In Your Garage? What You Can Do About Them

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Chipmunks Running Amok In Your Garage? What You Can Do About Them

Chipmunks Running Amok In Your Garage? What You Can Do About Them

4 October 2022
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Chipmunks always appear so cute and cuddly, but they can actually cause a lot of damage and destruction to your home over time if you allow them to do so. Chipmunks are a pest that forages for food and looks for a place to nest to stay warm in the colder months. These pests will chew and dig their way into your home, garage, shed, or anywhere else they can get into in order to stay warm.

If you have issues with chipmunks, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them on your own. If you aren't able to handle this pest problem on your own, hire a professional pest control company to help you. Read on for some helpful tips that you may be able to use to get rid of chipmunks on your own. 

Find Their Entrance

Look for their entrance to see where they are coming in from. These pests will go anywhere looking for food and will get into just about anywhere they feel safe to stay warm and nest throughout the winter months. You should look for small holes in your seals around windows and doors, or along your soffit/fascia on your garage, shed, or another part of your home where you suspect they are coming in. Once you find the entrance these pests are using, you need to make the necessary repairs to prevent them from getting in.

Remove Easy Access Points

If these pests are gaining access via a tree branch, you need to remove these branches to prevent them from getting in easily. If they are coming in from the ground level, you aren't going to be able to do much about it, but if they are using low-hanging branches to get inside, you need to trim back your trees. If your garage door is not tightly closing to the ground, you may need to adjust your garage door, so it closes completely.

Set Traps

You can set traps for larger rodents to trap the chipmunks coming into your garage. Smaller mouse traps may not do the trick, you may have to use rat traps, which are stronger, to catch the chipmunks. You may also be able to live-catch them, but you would have to release them far away from your home in order to prevent them from returning. Use fresh bait to lure these pests to the traps and be careful when handling these pests.

If you have chipmunks running amok in your garage, or around any other property you have, you can hire a pest control company to help you get rid of them for you.

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