Three Warning Signs Your Yard Has A Sod Webworm Infestation

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Three Warning Signs Your Yard Has A Sod Webworm Infestation

Three Warning Signs Your Yard Has A Sod Webworm Infestation

1 December 2022
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Noticing frequent dead or brown patches on your lawn can be disappointing as a homeowner. If you start noticing these patches, there is a likely chance that you have a pest infestation. These pests are commonly known as sod webworms. They are lawn-damaging caterpillars that appear as tiny brown moths and are a common nuisance to homeowners. Although they are often unnoticeable, these sod webworms may destroy large portions of your lawn if left unchecked. Consider applying insecticide to help get rid of the webworms. Additionally, you can also consider hiring pest control professionals to inspect your yard, assess the problem, and devise effective ways of getting rid of the sod webworms in your lawn. Here are some warning signs that you have a sod webworm infestation.

Brown or Dead Lawn Patches

You are most likely to find sod webworms in tall and turf grass. If you start noticing dead or brown patches on an otherwise green lawn, there is a reasonable chance that you have a sod webworm infestation. When young, these pests feed on the soft leaf tissue of plants, especially on the underside of leaves. Upon inspection, you may notice that the thatch layer has silken tubes or webbing. The damaged lawn area often appears grazed, scalped, and chewed to the soil surface, indicating signs of a webworm infestation. That said, consider hiring a pest control expert to examine your lawn and determine the best action to eradicate the pests.

Fecal Webworm Droppings

Noticing green fecal pellets or droppings on your lawn can signify sod webworm infestation. Remember, sod webworms are pesky larvae pests that feed on your yard grass, and leaving their excrement pellets is evidence of their existence. These fecal droppings are unnoticeable on green lawns but evident on dry patches. If you start noticing fecal pellets, contact your local pest control service providers to inspect your lawns for sob webworms. You can also try watering your lawn frequently, deterring sob webworms from thriving in your wet lawn because they prefer a dry and warm climate.

Increased Bird Activity

Farms are likely to receive increased bird activity in case of a pest infestation. However, a lawn is not an exception. If you start seeing bird flocks on your lawn pecking small holes in the turf, they may be seeking the larger sod webworm larvae in the thatch. Increased bird activity is a significant sign that your yard has sod webworms. As such, you may need to schedule a timely pest control inspection to determine the best ways to eradicate your pest problem. 

For more information about sod webworm control, contact a local company. 

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