Worried About Radon Gas In Your Home Home? Test And Mitigate Today To Be Safe

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Worried About Radon Gas In Your Home Home? Test And Mitigate Today To Be Safe

Worried About Radon Gas In Your Home Home? Test And Mitigate Today To Be Safe

15 February 2023
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There are many problems that you can't easily see or detect, like radon. Radon is a radioactive gas that will seep into your home from the earth and is most commonly detected in the basement or in areas closest to the ground.

This gas can cause lung cancer and other health complications, and if you have never had your home tested, this is something you'll want to do today. Here are some of the things that should do right away. 

Have Radon Tests Performed

You want to have professional testing completed to get the most accurate information about the potential of radon around and inside the home. The professional testing company will come to set up the test. The longer the test runs, the more accurate the results will be in determining the amount of radon in your space.

Seal the Floor and Walls

If the test comes back positive, you want to do the best you can to seal off the space. This means all the foundation cracks, lines in bricks or cinder blocks, and any open areas should be sealed. A caulking agent can be used to do this, and then an epoxy coating or other type of protective coating can be applied as well. Sealing the walls and floors is one of the fastest ways to get protection from radon.

Have a Mitigation System Installed

A mitigation system needs to be installed if dangerous levels of radon are detected. There are different types of radon mitigation systems, and the professionals will recommend the best option for your home. These systems will remove radon by:

  • Drain tile suction
  • Sub slab suction
  • Sub-membrane suction

Mitigation systems that use these functions, along with sealing off the space, will help keep the radon out of your home.

The radon mitigation system will cost anywhere on average from $1,500-3,000 or more, depending on what type of system you need and how difficult it is to install it in your home. Make sure to use professionals for installation.

If you are worried that you live in an area where radon gasses are high in the soil and you haven't had your property tested, get it tested today. Getting a mitigation system installed quickly can save your family from the toxins and hazards you would experience from radon exposure.

For more information about radon tests, contact a local company that offers radon detection services.

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