Keeping Mice From Getting Inside Of Your Home

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Keeping Mice From Getting Inside Of Your Home

Keeping Mice From Getting Inside Of Your Home

25 April 2023
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If you recently moved to an area where wildlife is abundant, you likely have concerns about the prospect of mice getting inside your home. Being diligent about pest control tactics can help stop rodents from succeeding. Follow these steps to minimize the chance of a mouse problem.

Take Care Of Outdoor Attractions 

If you have features on your land that mice consider attractive, they will stick around and potentially get inside your home at some point. Removing these attractions makes the area less favorable for rodents, helping to encourage them to move on to other areas. Relocate wood piles to an area far enough from your home that you cannot see them.

Mice use them for nesting and if they are too close to your home, they may venture toward it in search of food, water, or warmth. Be sure to bag your trash and keep it in a container with a lid until garbage pickup day. Refrain from feeding birds and if you feed an outdoor pet, bring their dish in as soon as they completed their meal.

Check Your Exterior For Necessary Repairs

If your home's exterior has damage to any portion, this area is easier for a pest to breach toward the inside of your home. Evaluate siding panels for cracks or holes and replace them if needed. Be sure the siding is not pulling away from your home as mice can slide behind panels toward the interior. Use weatherstripping around glass panes to fill in gaps.

Keep a protective cap over your chimney and check your roof for shingle damage. Be sure to look over the foundation level for shifting of concrete or cement, which leaves cracks behind. These simple fixes help to barricade the inside of your home against pest invasions.

Contact A Pest Control Service For Yearly Inspections

It is wise to recruit a pest control service to perform inspections of your land and home for possible pest difficulties each year. During an assessment, a pest control worker looks for signs that mice are present. This includes gnawing marks, droppings, or holes in walls.

If you have noticed mice or have heard them walking around in walls or ceilings, fast action is taken by a pest control service to eliminate them completely. This is done with the use of mouse traps or pesticides. A pest control service also provides recommendations to homeowners to help keep mice from becoming problematic in the future. 

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