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Raccoon Under The Deck: Removal And Prevention

28 April 2021
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Raccoons are drawn to nest under decks for obvious reasons. It's warm, dry, and protected from most disturbances. It is also near food sources, in the form of suburban gardens and trash cans. If you are unfortunate enough to have a raccoon under your deck, removal is the only option. Concerns There are many reasons why a raccoon should not be left beneath your deck. Like any wildlife, raccoons can carry diseases.
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Mice Removal: Why It’s Worth the Professional Investment

19 March 2021
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Mice removal is something you can do on your own since you can buy mouse traps, poisons, and other removal and extermination devices at your local hardware, home improvement, or even grocery store. However, mice removal is not something you should tackle lightly; you have mice exterminators at your disposal to handle your rodent problem professionally for a reason. Why is it worth it to invest in a professional mice exterminator?
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Welcome to my website. My name is Trina. I live in the country with my husband, our two children, two dogs, and three cats. I love country living with one exception... the pests! I am referring to wasps, stink bugs, and rodents. I don’t know why they don’t stay out in the woods, but they don’t. They seem to love our house. I was six months pregnant with our second child when we broke down and called a pest control service. The gentleman came out to talk to us, and I had many concerns. I was pregnant, we had a small child and our pets. The professional spent a great deal of time with us patiently explaining about the products they use in and around homes. I would like to share what we learned, and why we now have pest control service for our home.